Photo Page 2
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More Sakura-con Pics!
These are the pics that didn't fit on the other page.

Xellos again
My sister the Otaku...
Vash x2
A very popular character to be this year...these are 2 of the 4 Vashs this year.
Legato again
Everyone loved his costume...he was almost constantly followed by fangirls!
Some Guys
These are just some guys I talked to.....they were cool.
Rob's friends...he isn't mad in this pic!!
Rob & friends.
Sakura, Tomoyo, Me(Gene), and Ronfar
This was taken in one of our rooms...we were actually together for more than 5 minutes.
Xellos again (again)
Just had to put another one up! ^^the costume was so well done it deserves to be put up again!