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This is my Image Gallary from Sakura-con 2001!!
these are the pics that me and my friends took at Sakura-con 2001....the pics from last year are on the Sakura-con site. If you want your pic removed, contact me from the contact page. (duh)

Beat from JetSet Radio

Legato and friends

Chichiri!!! ^^

Cross Surfing...until security took it away..

My CS Partner (Ph33R H15 1337 5k1775!!)

The dance was a success!


Felicia! Love the hair!

The FY Group

FF9's Garnet/Dagger

Hotohori-on-a-stick (Legato's ^^)

Me and Iyori from King of Fighters

Iyori and Sakura!? o.0

King Kashue from Lodos War

The group I came with...and Kelly

My Eden...the LAN room...^^

A dangerous close-up of Legato

Legato and Wolfwood....nuff said

Legato and a kid's head....errr...Hotdog.

Crazy dancing people


Guy-who's-name-I-can't-remember and Makona

Melfina...I remember something about a tube...

Meryl...and 2

Rei Ayanami....great plug suit!!

Ryoga wandered the con almost constantly..

The Great Trigun group...and my thumb.

Toga-chick......LONG story.

Taskui and Yui....the fan had silver paint that rubbed off too easy

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