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General Stuff
I've been a little busy with school and I havn't even looked at my it sucks...I'll be working on it every once and a while....I havn't touched it for nearly a year..but I hope to start keeping logs of stuff I might be interesting to have an online journal...or something like that.

BTW: the pic on the right will be changed every time there is an update..People can send me pics to put there if they want.

5/1/01: Started work on hopeless web-page.

5/8/01: Added all the pics for Sakura-con 2001 on the Photo page, go take a look

5/21/01: Well...I changed a few minute one will notice...feh. Created the "Ask Charybdis" page..take a look and see what answers you get from the most popular swirling pool of death in Greek Mythology.

9/18/01: Found the adress of my site again so I decided to update it...even though I'm the only person that ever sees it. The pics are still up...and will continue to be so, they remind me why the site is still up.

Yay...Squaresoftª rocks...^^

New Stuff
The pics added were taken on the weekend of April 27th at the Everet Holiday Inn....I would like to thank all the people who helped with the con and made it the great thing it was. All the costumes were great...even the ones that didn't make it up on the site...sorry! ^^
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Other Stuff
I figure I'll put up some pics of stuff I paint, I do some Warhammer, D&D, and any other type of miniature that I happen to get my hands on.


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